Growth of Your Business Starts Now

November 27, 2012

Image Management Administrator Kevin WeslaskiBy Administrator Kevin Weslaski

The Presidential election is over, and now it’s time to get serious about growing your company. At Image Management we have been streamlining our processes to start a new wave of growth.

I understand most successful companies are still sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a solution to the government debt crisis and fiscal cliff. But I am confident our politicians will act timely to prevent an economic meltdown.

I also understand we recently had a stock market correction, though this past week stocks came charging back. Technology companies such as Apple and Google led the charge. These are two companies Image Management relies on to grow. Apple and Google both have billions of dollars to invest in future technologies. Eventually that cash has to hit Main Street America.

Manufacturing has also seen a steady increase in growth as of late. I recently drove south on I-94 from Racine one mid-week morning around 6:00 am. The volume of semi-trailers heading north from Chicago was mind-boggling. I kept thinking to myself that the economy is back in full swing.

Unemployment is down, housing sales are up, and the results from Black Friday prove retail sales are better than ever.

The time is now, business people. If you wait much longer to invest in your company, you will miss the gold rush. At Image Management we are untying our purse strings by investing in new markets, equipment, and employees. I strongly encourage your company to do the same to reap the benefits of this new wave of growth.