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May 18, 2017

Image Management's website design tips on how to combat negative Google reviews through SEO and kindness!

Uh oh, a bad online review?!

With how hard you work, we understand how heartbreaking a 1 or 2 star review can be. It happens to the BEST of companies, however, and there ARE ways to turn your negative reviews around quickly and efficiently.

important points to keep in mind when you receive a BAD review:

Don't ignore it and don't return fire. People want to hear from you, so immediately responding to a negative review will boost your reputability and credibility. Respond right away in a kind, politically correct manner!

Consider they may have a point. No matter how ridiculous the claim may be, take each negative comment into consideration. All bias aside, does their review make sense? Take bad reviews as feedback. It may be insight you weren't aware of!

Don't blame or accuse, no matter how wrong they may be. Take the high road and offer apologies, explaining how much your customers mean to you. Offer your phone number to be of more assistance and ask them to come again for a better experience.

Cut yourself some slack. Understand mistakes happen; we're all human and customers will get upset from time to time. Use their negative comments as an opportunity to show how your company LISTENS and CARES. Responding will do nothing but help.


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