Growing an Audience Through Your Website

July 31, 2013

By Web Programmer Brandon Edmark

Many business websites are the online equivalent of a phone book advertisement or a brochure: a straightforward sales pitch, designed to convert a single view into a phone call or an online sale. For some businesses, this is all that is practical or necessary. However, a website can do much more than that for your business. By drawing a regular audience to your website, you can generate lucrative, lasting relationships with your clients.

One way to do this is by turning your website into a social hub. Integrating an event calendar is a great way for customers to keep track of your business. Going farther and enabling clients to sign up to receive updates, reserve events, or access confidential information allows you to respond to their needs more efficiently.

Featuring a blog on your website is a convenient way to add timely information. However, it may be difficult to direct clients to the blog on a regular basis. As an April 2013 study by Experian Marketing Services shows, the average Internet user spends more than a quarter of their Internet life on social media. This makes coordination with Facebook and Twitter vital to your blog’s success. You can automate this process by having your blog application integrated with social media so that new blog posts are featured on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

By adding features that keep users coming back to your site, you can reap the benefits of strong long-term client relationships. Ask your website developer how they can integrate these features into your website.