Staying Healthy on the Job

October 10, 2012

Kevin Weslaski - Image ManagementBy Administrator Kevin Weslaski

We actively encourage Image Management’s staff to lead a healthy lifestyle. For starters, we provide all full-time employees with YMCA memberships, ensuring that they can regularly work out, even in the dead of Wisconsin winter. Furthermore, we recommend that our employees make the most of their lunch hour by enjoying a leisurely stroll after finishing their meals. We also promote a diet of fruits and vegetables. Many of our staff stand while working in order to prevent back strain and maintain posture.


As the company’s administrator, I make a point of leading by example. In addition to biking to work every day this summer, I regularly compete in triathlons and iron man competitions. I also take part in an early-morning Master’s swimming program at the new Sealed-Air YMCA. Lastly, I maintain a balanced diet and attend a spin class during my lunch break.

These programs represent just a few of the options available to you. Have you thought about finding time for before-work or lunch-break exercise programs? People lead increasingly busy lives. Proper exercise is important. Many organizations are there to help you find the time to keep fit, as well as providing classes on nutrition, meditation, or alternative health treatments.

When you enlist the services of Image Management, you can rest assured that we’ll be as meticulous at maintaining your website as we are at maintaining our health.