That "New Website" Smell

September 23, 2015

There's nothing better than the smell of a new car. The brand new interior, shiny glass, and slippery leather seats makes for a smooth, enjoyable, worry-free ride.

But what about website designs? Are there any perks for building a new website?


Fuhrman Insurance, a 35-year old Racine-based company, launched their first website in 2007. Last month, they knew it was time for an upgrade.

The Image Management team developed a clean, streamlined website for Fuhrman Insurance, revitalizing their outdated website design and making it brand new.

Search engines, like Google, rank websites that regularly add new content and text. The updated format and infusion of revitalized information on the new Fuhrman Insurance website gave them some "extra credit" in their search rankings.

The Fuhrman Insurance team is very happy with the look and feel of their new website design, They love the easy editor system Image Management built into their website, giving them full control to change anything they need.

Cars aren't the only thing in need of replacement every few years. Contact Image Management today for a no-obligation consultation.