Work/Life Balance

January 19, 2016

There are few things more important than balancing our 9-to-5 work life with our home life and passions. As a 23-year-old recent college graduate of Pepperdine University, I have worked at Image Management for about a year and a half. It's been a wonderful experience, and I'm one of the few people my age who can whole-heartedly admit I love my job. I love working with new clients, building website designs with our website programmers, and providing businesses with search engine optimization and Google AdWords services.

That being said, I've realized how crucial it is for me to parallel my passion for work with my personal passions. I have a blog website,, which was of course designed by our master website programmers at Image Management. I recently competed in the Miss Racine scholarship pageant and won Miss Congeniality, and now I am currently training for my first marathon this May. Another passion of mine is traveling, and I try to visit 2-3 domestic locations each year to clear my head and give my mind a boost.

Getting involved in the community, spending time with my family, running at the gym, traveling to sunny destinations, and writing on my Christian blog have all given me enough fulfillment to give 100% of myself at work.

What about you? Have you set aside time to pursue your passions? It'll greatly benefit your professional life! It sure helps me.

Written by Account Executive Paige Weslaski