Big Screen Series: The Office

April 13, 2016


For the next few weeks, we will be highlighting popular TV shows and movies, relating them to our (out of this world) website design services.

Here at Image Management, we love The Office. One scene in particular resonates well with us. Co-workers Dwight and Jim meet with a big client to convince him to continue using their paper services instead of switching to a larger, cheaper manufacturer.

Walking in to the meeting, Dwight asks to borrow the man's phone, of which he dials a number he's memorized and waits on hold (on speakerphone, nonetheless). Throughout the entire meeting, the hold music is playing while the man is confused (and slightly angered) about the situation. After about ten minutes, Dwight hangs up the phone with no luck of talking to a physical person, explaining he had called that larger, cheaper manufacturer the man considered switching to.

It's a funny scene, but it presents a serious message. Here at Image Management, we answer on the first or second ring - guaranteed. You will always talk to a live person. There is no waiting, no confusion, and no worries.

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