Your Company = Rocky Balboa

April 18, 2016

Take a gander at any "Top Inspirational Movie" list online, and you can be sure to find the Rocky series lingering near the top. For those of you unfamiliar with the iconic movies, Rocky Balboa is a nobody-boxer from Philly who extemporaneously gets paired to box against the best in the nation - on national television. Rocky's fight against the unbeatable Apollo Creed receives tremendous hype and promotion by the media, and everyone expects the hometown kid to lose in "1, 2, 3" quick rounds.

The night before the big show, Rocky drudges into the arena with everything all set to go. There were big posters hanging from the ceiling with pictures of Apollo and Rocky - of which Rocky notices the colors on his shorts were wrong.

"They got my shorts wrong," he mentions to the director. The boxing promoter tells Rocky it doesn’t really matter. He knows Rocky’s going to "give them a great show." Rocky is therefore seen as a joke and a pawn for entertainment. No one believes he could actually have a shot against the famous Apollo. And frankly, why would he? He's just a local townie, right?

Wrong. Rocky became the first fighter to go all 15 rounds with Creed, a staggering feat. Rocky proved everyone wrong. He was not a nobody, he was a champion.

Like Rocky, you are a champion. Has anyone ever told you your company was worthless? That you had no chance against the "big guys?" That you would never be #1 on Google? That you would never have a glorious online presence or a stunning logo or state-of-the-art graphic design?

Do not be intimidated by the Apollo Creed of your trade. Underdog's often have a secret advantage. Be ready, because asking Image Management to create a website design, a Google ranking plan, or a new logo could be the hidden boost your company needs to take out Apollo. We even offer video/photography and writing services to give you the advanced path to victory.

What do you say, Rocky, are you up for the challenge?