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A well-planned and maintained AdWords campaign ensures your website is on the first page of Google. Let Image Management be your partner in the development of a successful, cost effective campaign. We are a certified Google AdWords Partner with dedicated SEM specialists on staff that specialize in both Search and Display Advertising.

To start the AdWords campaign process, Image Management asks for the following information from clients:

  • 6-12 key search terms that are associated with the business, services, and/or products
  • Geographic location the ads will appear within (cities, counties, states, worldwide, etc.)
  • Desired monthly budget

We then determine the most searched keywords that will likely result in clicks and added traffic to your website. From there, our specialists create captivating ads using your search terms. These ads will appear on the first page of Google search results.

To learn more about how a Google AdWords program works and some important metrics, watch the video below:

AdWords are paid listings within search results that typically appear at the top or bottom of the first page. A set monthly deposit is put into place to maintain the program. Search results (impressions) are free and provide exposure for your business or organization. Funding is only deducted from the monthly deposit when the ad is clicked leading the visitor to your website. (See below for a definition of terms)

  • Impressions - number of times a Google Ad appears following a search for a targeted phrase.
  • Clicks - number of times a Google Ad is clicked following an impression.
  • Average Placement - position an ad appears when searching for your phrase.

Google AdWords Reseller

As Google is the leading authority in search engine rankings, advertising dollars are better spent with AdWords as opposed to other online services such as Yellow Page or Yellow Book directories. Unlike providers such as Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, or Hibu, Image Management provides monthly plans without long term commitments or contracts. Weekly performance reports and ongoing campaign maintenance is also provided to ensure funding and key search terminology are being utilized effectively.

MONTHLY Google Adwords Plans*

Basic Monthly Package $385.00
Deluxe Monthly Package $585.00
Professional Monthly Package $1,085.00
Elite Monthly Package $3,085.00 - $5,085.00
Corporate Monthly Package $5,085.00+

* Includes weekly performance email providing number of clicks and impressions.


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