Revamp Your Website With a Bit of Lovin’

September 15, 2016

Revamp Your Website Today

By programmer Krystal Carr

We’re all here because we have a website. Maybe it's brand new, just weighing in at one month old, or maybe you’ve had it for a good year now, or even maybe it’s been around for almost half a century. Whatever the case may be, there is always room for improvement!

Ask yourself, when was the last time you sat down and actually looked at your website? How long has it been since you logged in to edit anything? Have you posted anything relevant recently? Is the latest news article advertising your website launch event that happened back in 2013? Since Jack is no longer working there, should he really be hogging up a spot on your “Meet Our Team” page?

If any of these are true, it’s time to take a good look to see if we can revamp your beautiful website. Not only will sprucing up your website keep your website at the top of your A game, but this will also help improve SEO and keep you even more relevant with your audience!

Experience the User Experience

Website User Experience

I recommend giving the website a good comb-through at least every couple of months. Sit down, fill your cup with something good and take a thorough look at what everybody else on the web gets to encounter. Your website will be your first impression to the web adventurer, and if it’s outdated or still looks the same as when you originally had it designed a couple years ago, this doesn’t say your company is keeping up with current trends. Look through all of your pages and jot down any notes that could use improvement or could be scrapped. Chances are, since you started this website, your company has been growing. Take note of anything you may want to add in such as a newsfeed, photo gallery or just even adding more pages. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward and not disappointing anyone with an outdated site.

Home is Where the START Is

Home Page Design and Redesign

Let’s start with your homepage. On first glance, nothing on your website should appear outdated. Does this still give you the same excitement from when you first saw your website put together? If not, we need to re-evaluate some things. Every good homepage has some information to get the visitor interested in whatever services you may offer. Whether that will result in a fully bulleted list of services you offer, a short and sweet informative introduction area, or even a call-to-action button, there must be something there that excites the user about wanting to learn more and contact you.

Read through all of your content. Does everything have a nice flow? Will a visitor be able to gather all of the information they need just on initial glance? If not, it’s time to revamp your content! Even if you could take a second to re-word most of the phrasing on your pages, it will work wonders. Make content that you want people to share. When you take a good glance over your homepage and realize that nothing is enchanting about it at all, it’s time to look for inspiration and revamp.

Visually, I Find You Appealing

Visually Appealing Photos for Your Website

You were instantly drawn into this photo of the bird because it's visually stunning and colorful. Looking around at your visual interactive elements such as a slider, news posts, or calendar events, you should make sure these elements are still relevant. Are the photo elements of your site visually appealing anymore? When was the last time you added a new slide to your slider, or added new photos to your photo gallery, or updated client testimonials or FAQ’s? If it has been a while, let’s go ahead and change that. People are very visual beings, and we love to see images. With many copyright free stock image websites to use at your disposal such as i-stock and pexels, finding a nice image that fits your website is a breeze. But we can find they are lacking some individuality.

Pick a day to go around your business with a camera and take a bunch of photos! You do not need extremely high quality, just something that looks nice and is not grainy and has a large enough resolution for use on the web. Swap out static website photos with your new creations to add a sincere and personal touch to your website. There’s nothing worse than seeing the same stock image on more than a few sites, and most importantly your site is worth more than that. Go ahead and add some images or links to a bare page. These elements will make your page more engaging and can help separate content much better, so that nobody’s staring at a brick wall of text. Also - Image Management offers photography and image retouching services if you need to seek help from the real professionals!

Get a Fresh New Look

Fresh New Redesign by Our Graphic and Website Designers

Are you satisfied with your website’s overall design? If not, you don’t have to settle. Take this time to give your site a new paint job. Whether you want to update your color scheme or come up with a new design and layout, all things are possible. You would be surprised in how moving a few elements around will make a design that much more interesting to look at. Take a glance around the internet for trending web designs and ideas to see if there’s anything your website can adopt to become an even stronger webpage. If you find yourself in need of a new layout or design, seek your Image Management web design team to suggest any improvements or new design ideas. You will be surprised on how a simple change in design can spruce up your website completely.

I hope you take these ideas into consideration and give your website a good look through. It also helps if you ask your fellow employees what they think could be improved on with the website, as well. And always remember, you can contact the team here at Image Management for fresh design ideas, help with content, and new ideas on how to make your best impression on the web. We are the Masters of the Website for a reason!

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