5 Ways to Improve Your Website

November 01, 2016

Image Management explains ways for Milwaukee websites to imrpove their design and SEO by using the right design colors, incorporating top-aligned website navigation, and including an Our Team page.

When people come to your house for the holidays, you want everything to look perfect. The turkey is in the oven, the mistletoe is hung in place, and music is softly playing in the background.

Your website should be no different - when guests open your website, everything should be perfect. Just like your holiday guests, you want them to have a good experience!

Here are practical ways to make your website guests come back again and again:

1. Website Navigation

Top-aligned navigation makes the website clean and easy to use. Visitors will immediately know where to go, whether it's the About, Services, or Contact pages. As a tip, don't use any insider lingo in your website navigation. Keep things simple.

2. Have a Call to Action

Buy Now, Download, Checkout, Learn More... these are all Calls of Action that make it clear to viewers what their next step should be. No one wants a website that confuses them over what they're expected to do after the homepage. Guide them.

3. Use the Right Colors

Do some research as to what colors correlate with your business. Branding is everything! Red represents energy, youth, and excitement. Purple represents wisdom, creation, and imagination. Green represents peace, trust, and health. Our website designers will guide you!

4. The 10-FOOt Rule

Pull up your website homepage and take 10 steps away from your computer. Is it clear, that far away, what your company does? If not, re-design the website. Tighten your message, don't try to be too cutesy or it'll be confusing.

5. 'Our Team' Page

Incorporating an Our Team page onto the website, with pictures and hobbies of key staff members, will build trust between your company and the website visitor before they meet you face to face. Show site visitors who you are and they'll feel more at ease about doing business with you!

Image Management specializes in website design in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, and Chicago, although our website designs are all over the USA. Call Image Management today to revamp you website.