Why No One Reads Your Blog

November 16, 2016

Image Management lists the ways to bring website visitors to your blog! Work on your SEO keywords, set up a Google AdWords program, create a new website design and logo, and write with a passion! Image Management helps clients in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and the Chicago area. Call Image Management today for your marketing needs!

If your company has a blog, or you personally have a blog, you may have thousands of daily views. Or... you may have zero. Does your website blog need some lovin' to bring in traffic? Image Management has customized a plan to build up page views on your blog!


SEO refers to keywords and alt-tags integrated into the blog. If you aren't using words people may be searching for via Google, you need to sprinkle those words throughout each blog post. Image Management can help with your alt-tags, SEO work and even set up a Google AdWords program to bring in clientele via search engines!


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are amazing resources to bring traffic to your website's blog. Integrating hashtags into your posts will bring in a whole new sector of viewers. Also, make sure you post at the right time of day. For example, the best time to post on Facebook on a Friday is 3 PM because it's when people at work are getting bored and anxious for the weekend!


Giving your blog a fresh, up-to-date design will make your website fun and original. Contact Image Management to give your blog a logo and design you love. Don't settle for a template, it'll look stale.


​Who wants to visit a blog where the latest post is from April of last year? Keep the content fresh and update it regularly to keep viewers coming back! If you need help, Image Management's content development team can create your content as often as you'd like!

If you follow our tips and have a passion about your writing, the viewers will follow! Call Image Management to help your blog with SEO, a fresh website design and logo, and even writing help!