(G.O.A.T.) Google Partner

March 28, 2017

Any Joe Schmo can sell Google AdWords in his mom's basement. What Mr. Schmo can't offer, however, is a Google Partnership to back up his work. That's what sets Image Management apart: we are Google AdWords certified, a feat many people/companies cannot say. What are the requirements of becoming a Google AdWords Partner, you ask?

  • Passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam, which covers the benefits of online advertising and AdWords, and best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns. (we passed with flying colors)
  • Passing the Search Advertising exam, which covers best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing search ad campaigns across the Search Network. (A++)
  • Spending a minimum of $10,000/90 days. (which we exceed greatly)

Our Google AdWords team creates online advertisements and uses the best practices to give your company an excellent click-through rate. We create quality advertisements that work, and we give you weekly results to prove it.

Many companies have discovered the benefits of using Image Management for Google AdWords. You'll find yourself more popular than you thought possible! Contact us today if you need more traffic to your site.

*G.O.A.T = greatest of all time, duh