Racine's Advertising Secret

December 10, 2014

By Content Developer Paige Weslaski

Budweiser. AT&T. Chevrolet. McDonalds. Geico. Macy’s. State Farm.

What do these companies have in common? There’s no doubt you’ve heard of them all. You’ve seen them on SuperBowl commercials, you’ve heard them on the radio, you’ve driven past their bus advertisements.

These seven businesses all have colossal advertising budgets. They each claimed a spot on the Top 25 Biggest Marketing Spenders list for 2013.

“Yeah, that’s great Paige. What does that have to do with me? My company has (fill in blank) for a budget, not millions like them.”

Right you are, you scholar you, but what if I could tell you there was a hidden Racine secret that could give your business more recognition than you’ve ever had? What if I told you hundreds, even thousands of people could see your company’s name every day?

The answer is simple, amazing, and no longer a secret: Racine City Bus Advertising, the one way ticket to local exposure. And, it costs less than you think. Much less.

“Okay, cool Paige. One or two thousand a month is too much for us. Plus we’d have to pay for designing the advertisement and installation. I don’t think so.”

Guess what. Get ready for your mind to be blown. Bus advertising is not $2,000 a month, or even $1,000 a month. Racine City Bus Advertising, the best local advertising strategy, the way into people’s hearts and minds is only… (drumroll please) $250 a month per bus! With absolutely no design or installation fees!

“Whoa, Paige. Now you’re speaking my language. My company could definitely do that. In fact, we’d like to sign up now and get on the buses before Christmas! But wait, won’t the same people see the same ad over and over?”

Don’t worry, we’ve covered that, too! The buses change routes daily throughout Sturtevant, Mount Pleasant, Racine, and Caledonia, taking over 10 different routes. Your advertisement would be seen by everyone in town, giving your business the exposure it needs.

“Wow. Thanks Paige. Could I stop in this week to sign the contract? You can count me in.”

You surely can, my little marketing whiz. You surely can.