Responsive Design

In April of 2015, Google changed their search algorithm for mobile searches that will cause websites that aren’t mobile-friendly to get moved down in search results. When developing a new website or assessing your current online presence, it is vital to keep this in mind. Ensuring your customers have an uncomplicated experience when navigating your website through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is becoming more and more critical with each passing day.

The preferred method of enhancing your website for mobile compliance across multiple platforms is responsive design. Responsive design features web pages that automatically reformat themselves depending on the kind of device from which they are viewed. Text, graphics, and navigation reposition and resize for optimal display. Access through phones, tablets, and traditional desktop-based browsers ensures your website remains user-friendly with responsive design.

We Make Websites Mobile Friendly With Responsive Design

Aside from access and display benefits, responsive design is also great for placement on search engines. Google not only recommends responsive design formatted websites as the best way to target mobile users, but also favors these types of websites when presenting search results.

Separate mobile websites can cause problems as, in most cases, a separate URL (web address) is required. This can affect Google rankings. Considerations must also be made to ensure updates to your traditional desktop website translate to your separate mobile website for cohesiveness. Lastly, separate mobile websites often strip away vital information, basically leaving a shell of your original website. Responsive design eliminates the failings separate mobile websites present.

Image Management can install responsive design on all new websites, but all is not lost if you have an existing website without mobile optimization. Responsive design can often be added to current websites to meet your needs. Please navigate to the Norco Manufacturing website for a great example of how responsive design can be utilized successfully.

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