Tired? Need a Break?

June 26, 2014

By Administrator Kevin Weslaski

Did you ever want to simply take a break from life? Check out for awhile? Leave? Get away? Find a hole and climb into it?

I think we have all have felt that way at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to keep moving forward, and the easiest tasks can become difficult to do. For instance, mundane tasks such as putting on your shoes to go to work, or starting your car and driving to your destination. Doing the dishes, making your bed, or brushing your teeth can also become irritating and cumbersome.

The fact is that we all go through tough, tired, or depressing times. Life is not always full of happiness. We are destined to have sad and tiring times.

The question is: how do you handle these times? I suggest keeping it to yourself. Usually you are vulnerable during these bad times and chances are you will say something you regret. I wish I could take back some things I said to people when I was tired and upset. Remaining quiet will not hurt anyone and you will not have regrets later on.

If your sadness and/or low times extend beyond a day or two, you may want to think about going off on your own to a quiet place for a few days if you can afford it. Spend some time reflecting on the good in your life and how you can contribute to others’ well-being.

We all show some ways of helping others and loving one another. Know that you are loved and would be missed if you were gone. Go back to your life, as sad and tiring as it may seem, with a renewed sense of energy, believing in yourself as a genuinely good person who cares and loves.

Peace and Love,