Writing Services

Here at Image Management, we have a writing team of champions.

From published newspaper journalists to Barnes & Noble authors to renowned bloggers, our content creation team will serve as your personal writing staff. Image Management is happy to write content for anything you need, including your website's content or product pages, news feed articles, social media posts, and branding.

Content is everything in the online market. Nowadays no matter what industry you are in it's important to have a website to be found by potential customers and no matter what industry you are in, we are in the industry of making you a website. Here at Image Management we have worked with contractors, attorneys, accountants, physicians, landscapers, churches, schools, manufacturers, and a variety of other international, regional and local businesses.

More and more users are looking to the internet for their answers, whether it be the programs offered at the local YMCA, where to eat when visiting Lake Geneva, or where to get custom parts manufactured. In order to have those users visit your site you must answer those questions and search engines must know you have the answers. Many people and other online marketing companies think more content is the key to being at the top of search results. However, the truth is there is no set formula for the right amount of content, but the real key is that the content is quality, relevant content.

Image Management provides writing services in Racine, Milwaukee, and Kenosha

Our Content Creation Process

Our content creation team will work to ensure your content is original, high-quality, and optimized. Optimized content is written for the user, but also in a way that search engines can understand the focus and relevance of the site and pages. We will begin by talking with you to discover and understand your business's services and/or products. We will then research to see what phrases and terms are trending in searches for your industry. The last step in our process is to then write the content around those keywords and edit to ensure for user-friendliness and search engine comprehension.

Beyond your normal page and product content is your site's news feed. A website news feed is essentially a blog. The term “blog” sometimes comes with a negative connotation of being an open forum for people to make comments, be they positive or negative. A news feed eliminates the commenting capability while retaining the ability to make timely news posts and add new, quality content to a website. Companies that post often generate 5x more traffic than companies who don’t take advantage of their news feed.

Our content creation team will work together with our web developers and graphic designers to help raise your website's search engine optimization (SEO) and make your branding as fruitful as possible. This teamwork will lead to more of your site's traffic becoming leads. All sites designed and built by Image Management come standard-equipped with an integrated editor that allows for easy updating and creation of content. This means that you can edit and add content easily to your site. If you are too busy running your business or you prefer to have your content optimized initially by us, that's where our Content Creation team comes in.

Well-written content is the secret weapon to increasing your company's value and credibility.

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