City Bus Advertising

A unique advertising opportunity.

Increase visibility

The City of Racine Bus Advertising Program allows local businesses, national companies, academic institutions or non-profit organizations an opportunity to advertise throughout the Greater Racine area. This area includes the City of Racine, Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant, and Caledonia.

Currently, Image Management, in cooperation with the City of Racine, manages all aspects of the Bus Advertising Program. This includes reserving of bus ads on the 34-bus fleet, designing the ads, installing and removing the adhesive-backed vinyl ad graphics, and collecting the fees associated with the advertising.

The cost of the bus advertising in the Racine area is very economical and is a fraction of the cost of conventional, stationary billboard advertising. Buses are mobile advertising billboards which reach the entire population by which they travel. Unlike TV, radio, or newspapers that provide target marketing, bus advertising is seen by everyone!

If your business or non-profit organization would like to utilize this unique advertising opportunity, contact Image Management today!

$300/bus per month. We ask for a 12-month commitment. The package includes installation and design.