Social Media Advertising

*GASP* - it's happened. Social Media has officially taken over as the most widely-used marketing strategy by businesses, surpassing even television and print. Social media has become an essential place for consumer businesses, nonprofits, and even B2B companies to interact with consumers and the wider audience of online users.

So with such a saturated market, how can you possibly stand out, you ask? Cue - Image Management.

Our Image Management creative team of writers, thinkers, and designers help businesses grow their client base, find real-time leads, and share relevant content. 

We try to stay humble, but our team of millennials are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest WIZARDS. #magicwandsandall #nerdcentral #trustus

Successful social media campaigns require constant trend analysis, relationship building with influencers, daily interactions with audiences, content creation, and continued strategy development. And we know the secrets inside and out.

Trust our in-house crew of social media prodigals to customize a strategy tailored to your industry. We will work with you to determine the best network(s) to target your prospective clients.

Offering full-service social media management and advertising, we manage and monitor your corporate accounts to deliver the results (better than) you want!

We provide several competitively priced monthly plans for the management of your business's social accounts, and we can even help with the setup of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

& get this - our $85/hr rate is HALF the cost you'll find compared to 99% of other agencies. Consider us the social media jackpot. #micdrop