Asset Library

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a way for your company to keep track of images, publications, corporate documents, marketing materials, videos and more via an online, password-protected website. Without DAM, these items are often left and forgotten on individual employee's computers or unorganized on a company server. At Image Management, we can create a Digital Asset Library for your company to help organize these files in a clean and concise way to allow for easy access. We will work with you to customize your library to fit your company's growing and changing needs; whether you are a large company that needs to share assets between many departments or are celebrating many years in business and need historical archives.

Digital Asset Management for Digital Files

Our Process

Our team has developed a process to ensure none of your assets are lost or forgotten. Your assets will be uploaded and located in an online repository and accessible only to those with the proper permissions. Each asset will be tagged with specific keywords and descriptions to ensure they are easily searchable. These assets are then able to be downloaded or shared by the user in various ways and file types. Contact us today to discuss your Digital Asset Management plan!

Do I Need An Asset Library?

Not sure if your company or organization needs an asset library? If more than one of the items on the list below applies to you or your situation, then you need a new or better Digital Asset Management system.

  • You have to ask multiple people when searching for a specific file.
  • You are tired of not being able to search your assets via simple keywords.
  • Your current system leads to stress due to its basic features.
  • You struggle to maximize the potential of your assets.
  • You would like to be able to quickly download assets in different formats or sizes.
  • You regularly share your files with co-workers via emails and flash drives.
  • You have many products that feature several variations.
  • You regularly use past photos or videos in new marketing materials.
  • You are worried that a DAM system is too difficult to manage.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to get started on planning and creating your Digital Asset Management system. Our team will help ensure that your assets will be easily accessible and can be used to help enhance your company's marketing efforts moving forward.