Reviews = Revenue

Managing your business’s image is what we do best – not only is it in our name, but we thoroughly understand how reputation management plays a critical role in the online showcase of your business or organization.

Reviews, online referrals, and your business/organization’s digital reputation is the new form of “word of mouth” marketing. And with numerous channels for your clients to share their experiences, it’s imperative to showcase that your business can and will fulfill all their needs – for the sake of client retention and client creation.

At Image Management, we understand the importance of a strong online reputation for your business or organization, which is exactly why we have over 200 five-star Google reviews from our clients. We can help your company achieve positive results, too!

By managing your Google, Bing, Yelp, and Facebook listings, we can help you combat negative reviews, grow your positive reviews, and gain new referrals. We can help leverage your customer-base, both with positive and negative experiences, and turn them into long-term, repeat clients.

Customers who see an overall negative review score are 10x less likely to choose that business for their needs. And while we cannot remove any negative reviews, we can craft professional responses to lessen any impact. Up to 70% of customers are open to forgiving their negative review if the business does their part to address the issue – which is where we can come in, managing your reviews of all kinds. After all, your online reputation is everything!

Contact Image Management for reputation management today, and watch your business thrive!