Image Management continues to enhance its website design skills, leaving Milwaukee to study SEO and web tricks in Nashville.

At Image Management, we understand the importance of continued education for our team members in order to provide the best service possible to our (awesome) clients!

Image Management website designers/programmers Krystal Carr, Dylan Broll, and Matt Seivert joined Account Executive Paige Weslaski in Nashville in early April for DrupalCon 2018 - a conference by and for website designers to learn the latest web coding tips and tricks!

IM Web Developer Krystal Carr

Website extraordinaire Krystal wrote about her experience!

DrupalCon Nashville 2018 was a great experience for any and all that work extensively with Drupal. I was given the opportunity to attend DrupalCon in Nashville this year as a coder, and it opened my eyes to much more that Drupal has to offer. Drupal is more than just a CMS, it is a community that is vast in diversity and knowledge.

At DrupalCon, I was among many fellow coders and I was able to network and build connections with other developers. Everyone I spoke with - no matter what their expertise was in or skill level (from beginner to senior coder) - had solid information and wisdom to share. There were many sessions I attended that helped expand my knowledge beyond coding, design, API, social media; I even got to experience new and upcoming Drupal technologies!

Not one panel was too similar to the other as they were all presented by Drupal developers that work with many of the core elements and modules we use today. We learned a lot about many new up-and-coming features that Drupal 8 has to offer.

The Drupal community is extremely diverse as I was able to meet many fellow female developers, people from all different cultures and ethnicities, young and old. It was fun meeting with new Drupalers and just learning about how they started coding, where their company is located and trading recommendations and even asking and answering questions together.

Most importantly, attending this conference has inspired myself to see what new things I can develop and attempt to test my limits with all of the new information I had learned. My most memorable memories include speaking with many other Drupal website design and hosting companies, meeting the creator of the DrupalCon guitar logo (all the way from Italy!), collecting a great haul of DrupalCon swag, and even meeting a vendor that cared to donate $10 to any non-profit charity of my choosing.

I'm glad I was able to go to DrupalCon with my fellow IM'ers and get inspired to push my own Drupal coding capabilities even further!

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Published on April 30, 2018