Become Top Dog on Google

May 03, 2016

Take a look at the size of your new phone book.

Pretty skinny right? Within the next 20 years, phone books won't exist. That's why clients are rushing to Image Management with their advertising dollars to have us invest in Google AdWords for them. The Google AdWords program we setup for your business will ensure you a top spot on the most powerful search engine in the world when searching for your service or product. Google accounts for over 80% of all internet searches, so don't let the Yellow Pages or Hibu scare you into losing out on yellow page advertising. Very few people go to the Yellow Pages website to search for products and services.

Advertising on Google works!

Just ask the fifteen or so clients we currently have enrolled in the program. These clients are saying things like, "Our phone is ringing off the hook," or "we need to hire more people to do the work," or "I'm sold on this program to the point of investing my entire marketing budget on AdWords." Although we do not agree with devoting your entire marketing budget on Google AdWords, we do insist on making it a large advertising component.

You can start with a budget of as low as $100/month, although we recommend $300 as a good starting point. 

So, if you want to be FIRST on Google, contact Image Management today!