Domain Name Woes

October 12, 2016

Domain names with keywords won't help your Google listing as much as it once did.

It’s been a known fact how businesses can outrank competition on Google listings by having a domain name with a keyword within it. Search an industry and you may notice that often the top spots are there because they have the keyword within the URL itself.

Try searching something such as "Los Angeles web design," for example, and often the top few links have "Los Angeles web design" in the domain.

That obviously means obtaining a domain with keywords boosts SEO rankings, right? If you're a hairdresser in Chicago, you need to buy the domain to make it to #1?

In the past, that would have been the case, but Google has made some major changes to their algorithm, cracking down on domain names with keywords, seeing as it was a way to cheat the system, so to speak.

Google will no longer rank domain names with keywords higher than those without keywords. It will not help your standing in online searches. Buying 20 domains with keywords will not aid your SEO.

What do you do about this downgrade? Come back bigger and better. First, start a blog/newsfeed on your website and add keyword-rich content on a weekly basis (NOT monthly basis!). Second, hire Image Management to handle your website's SEO and SEM campaigns.

Image Management is at the cutting-edge of website and SEO trends, and we will surely boost your presence on the web!