Hi-Ho Hi-Ho!

August 17, 2016

Close your eyes and imagine you're stepping through the gates of Disneyland...

You are wearing your Mickey ears, you've got your fanny pack on tight, and you're ready for a fun day of magical adventures. Now visualize that out of the blue, a staff member at Disney was extremely rude to you and your family. Imagine they told you your Mickey ears looked funny, that you were too tall to ride the It's a Small World ride, and that you should not in fact be eating seven Mickey ice cream cones in one sitting. It would put a bad taste in your mouth for the rest of the day, wouldn't it? You are paying for the entire experience, so a cast member being unfriendly would seem rather out of place!

This would probably never happen because Disney cast members are wonderful! They uphold the utmost hospitality to their guests!

Image Management, the Masters of the Website, follows suit. We are our clients' biggest fans. We do our best to be as friendly as the cast members at Disney, even following Disney’s Seven Service Guidelines! ©

  • Be Happy… make eye contact and smile!
  • Be like Sneezy… greet and welcome each and every guest. Spread the spirit of Hospitality…It’s contagious!
  • Don’t be Bashful… seek out guest contact.
  • Be like Doc… provide immediate service recovery.
  • Don’t be Grumpy… always display appropriate body language at all times.
  • Be like Sleepy… create DREAMS and preserve the “MAGICAL” guest experience.
  • Don’t be Dopey… thank each and every guest!

Consider this post a big hug from your friends at Image Management - the premier website designers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, writing specialists, Google AdWords experts, marketing engineers, branding experts, scanners, photographers, and videographers in the Racine, Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Chicago areas! (although we do work from NY to LA!)

* disclosure: photo property of Disney