Hiring a Web Company Similar to Dating

November 10, 2017

Image Management, website designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin, explains how choosing a website design and SEO company is like dating!

They say hiring a website design and SEO company is like dating: you're supposed to be picky! With so many "daters" on the loose (website companies, that is) we can help you sort through who is legit, and who needs to quit. Here's a checklist to help your company be picky when choosing which website development agency you want to hire!

1. How is their website?

Think dating: were you initially attracted, or would you rather pretend to use the bathroom and make a run for it? All joking aside, an easy-to-use, straight to the point website that's clean yet professional is the "one to marry." Is it fresh, up-to-date, and responsive to mobile phones? Do they post regular content? What about typos - anything you can notice on the homepage or interior pages? And overall, what was the first impression like? A website company with a confusing, overwhelming website is an indication that no, they're definitely not for you.

2. What's their portfolio like?

Do they have a large portfolio with many different types of established companies? Often, website companies will show only one or two of their finished website designs, which can raise concern. Choose a company with a large portfolio of reputable organizations, then you know they are a trustworthy company who isn't going anywhere!

3. How is their Google ranking?

Did you find them directly on Google? If so, A+ to them. A website company sitting on the 10th page of Google is a big no-no, because SEO plays a huge role in websites and their worth. A website company must know the ins-and-outs of back-end SEO techniques for both their own website and their clients.

4. Are their "website designs" using templates?

Templates are for beginners and this is how people get ripped off. Real-deal website agencies build each website from scratch to fit the branding, look, and feel of each particular company it works with. Don't get ripped off spending $80,000 on a $58 template for your website (we have actually seen this exact exchange) that will only look like a million other sites! Instead, pay a REASONABLE amount for an original website.

5. Stay clear of Wordpress

Many website agencies use Wordpress because it's templated and elementary, but this is also the platform hacked the most. Image Management gets calls every single week from another company asking us to convert their website away from Wordpress because of its many downfalls. Very legitimate companies do not use Wordpress, you shouldn't either.

6. Do you like them?

Easiest choice of all: do they seem like good people? Do they give back to the community? Are they trustworthy, happy-go-lucky, professional designers? Chances are, you will be spending about 2 months getting to know them pretty well throughout the process. Don't get into a long-term relationship (with a web/SEO company) you can't stand! Instead, you'll likely end up with a couple new friends once the website is complete!