Image Management creates website designs in the Racine, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Kenosha area with newsfeeds to boost SEO.

It is crucial for a business to ensure that potential customers can easily discover their website through search engines. Optimally, a business website should appear within the first page of search results. This placement will ensure high visibility and an increase in website traffic and customer contact. Achieving and retaining this first page ranking takes time and effort. One technique that can help expedite this process is the addition of new content to a website on a regular basis through a news feed.

A website news feed is essentially a blog. The term “blog” sometimes comes with a negative connotation of being an open forum for people to make comments, be they positive or negative. A news feed eliminates the commenting capability while retaining the ability to make timely news posts and add new, quality content to a website.

It is vital to post frequent announcements, success stories, reminders, and general updates to a website’s news feed utilizing key search terms to improve and maintain search engine placement. Search engines monitor websites on a regular basis looking for new content in order to provide the best possible results for a given search. Search engines will rank a website higher if it is updated regularly with quality key search terms. This is where the news feed comes into play.

One concern my clients have presented is time. Running a business in itself is a timely endeavor – where does one find time to create news articles on top of this? Rest assured, there is a time and place for lengthy press releases, but a two to three sentence news post is really all that is needed for a website news feed. Provided that a few key search terms are utilized within the news post, a lengthly article is not needed – the search engine picks up on the post all the same. Consider posting reminders about your services, making an announcement about a recent client acquisition or project completion, or simply listing upcoming events at your office – adding a post every week or so will help the search engines recognize your website as a viable online resource.

An example of a website making quality news posts without excessive length can be accessed here:
Norco Manufacturing Corporation -

Published on November 12, 2014