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At Image Management, we believe that family, health, and wellness are essential components of a thriving community. That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with the Racine Family YMCA, which we are proud to name the “Image Management Family YMCA". This partnership will enable us to support the YMCA's mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and family-focused initiatives within the Racine, Wisconsin community.

Our owners, Kevin and Claire Weslaski, both gave speeches at the dedication ceremony on Thursday, April 13th outside the Mount Pleasant, WI branch. Kevin thanked all parties involved, which included the branch's board of directors, staff, members, and all in attendance. According to Kevin, the Racine community has made the decision to invest into this YMCA branch, ‘a very easy one.’ 

The Racine Community

The Weslaski family owes much of their success to the Racine community, which has provided them with unwavering support over the past 30 years. Despite facing significant debt at the outset, Kevin and Claire have since built a prosperous business that owes its success to the community they call home. The $1 million donation to the Racine YMCA is a way for the family to give back to the community that has given them so much, and to support essential programs and services for generations to come. For Kevin, the recognition for this donation is not about him or his family, but rather about the positive impact it will have on the Racine community and the families that call it home.

Family and Giving Back

Claire spoke passionately about the Weslaski family's values and how they extend beyond their $1 million donation to the Racine YMCA. She encouraged the audience to consider other ways in which they could give back to the YMCA, whether through additional capital donations, showing respect for the property, or performing acts of kindness for fellow staff and members. The family believes that supporting the YMCA is not just a financial commitment, but a commitment to building a strong and caring community for everyone.

The Future Is Bright

Paige, the daughter of Image Management's owners Kevin and Claire, also addressed the audience with great honor and enthusiasm. She led the attendees in a call-and-response chant that echoed her statement of "The Future of Racine is Bright." Paige's speech was a testament to the generational values that her parents have instilled in her, and that she has continued to carry on during her ten years at Image Management. Her words embodied the company's commitment to building a thriving and caring community in Racine.

At Image Management, we believe that building a successful community starts with supporting essential programs and services. Our $1 million commitment to the Racine YMCA is just one way we're working to create a brighter future for everyone. As a website development company, we're passionate about using our skills to help businesses grow and thrive, while also giving back to the communities that support us. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us on this mission!

Published on April 24, 2023