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Social networking can help a business large or small increase their public awareness, gain contacts, and get their business’ “face” out to millions. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are in a sense a modern concept of the six degrees of separation. A business can follow certain people or companies and those in turn can follow your company. Followers from all over the world can find your company. Being able to increase your viewing public without actually going to each individual person or business is a huge advantage for the modern company. The larger and more diverse your company’s network is, the more likely your business will continue to grow.

Being able to publicize your business’ work and recent happenings may even interest visitors who have never heard of or seen your company before. This may not always lead to an instant business contact but could be an important initial stepping stone to securing future work.

Networking can also include traditional methods such as billboards, television spots, radio ads, newspaper, and attending face-to-face business gatherings. Job fairs and Young Professional business events are great places to meet people and introduce your company. Image Management runs television spots, radio ads, newspaper ads, and city bus ads. We belong to RAMAC, YPR, and Kenosha Chamber of Commerce.

Social networking also helps companies with their own employees, both future and current. A company can view future employees on these sites and decide on whether they want to proceed with the interview process. Managers can view past employers, interests, and activities on social networking sites. Our President, Claire Weslaski, updates our Facebook page regularly.

A job seeker can also use social networking to find companies that they would like to work for. They can view the company’s website, what services they offer, some of their clients, and what people are saying about the company.

If used correctly and often, social networking can help a company grow by increasing public awareness. The information provides extra insight into potential hires and employment opportunities. Big or small, businesses benefit from an active and well thought out social networking campaign.

Published on April 22, 2013