Put Yourself First! (on Google)

March 24, 2017

Use Google AdWords and SEO practices to become #1 on Google!

"Every man for himself," they say. While this phrase may be a bit harsh in every day life, it rings true on Google. Google is essentially a million resumes; when someone needs a painter, they head straight to Google to check out the best, and most fitting, candidate!

How does your online resume match up to your competition? Is your website mobile friendly? Does it have a "wow" factor? And most importantly, are you on the top of the pile?

Google AdWords is your one-stop way to have your online resume placed neatly on top. If you were interviewing for a job, it'd be like your mom knowing the one doing the hiring! You'll have "the in!"

How do you produce an effective Google AdWords campaign, you ask?


National or worldwide campaigns are effective for million dollar marketing budgets, but they can be somewhat ineffective for others. Choosing a specific area (ex. downtown Milwaukee, Racine County, Waukesha, Kenosha, West Bend, Southeastern Wisconsin, Gurnee, Chicago, etc) will give you the most bang-for-your-buck, allowing you to target your audience exactly.


Our AdWords specialists will discover what keywords people in your area are actually searching for. For example, a client of ours wanted to show up first for "charter schools," yet no one was searching that! We adjusted that specific term to "private schools," and they've done very well.


We set up multiple ads for each of our clients (which we're constantly massaging), and we make sure our ads are compelling, eye-catching, and clear. Our ads receive (worthwhile) clicks!

Contact us today to get your resume right on top!