Retouch Me Baby, One More Time

March 23, 2016

Image Management is the Masters of the Website. We are nationwide leaders in search engine optimization and graphic design. And, believe it or not, we are also experts in photo retouching. We have a full time staff member named Jim who does nothing but photo retouching for our clients, and trust us when we say he is (hands down) the best photo retoucher in the Midwest.

Not all photo retouching professionals are, well, professionals. Take the photo retoucher Britney Spears recently hired, for example.

Britney shared this photo on her Twitter, and it looks pretty natural to the untrained eye. But if you look closer, there are obvious faults. Under her back, it looks as if there's water from the pool, when there should clearly be concrete. Spears caught flack for this photo from many magazines and fashion blogs due to the unfortunate photoshop job.

At Image Management, we have done photo retouching for the NFL, Olive Garden, Strive Gum, Case Tractors, and many other big name companies. Image Management is the masters of not only websites, but photo retouching, too!

And to watch Hit Me Baby One More Time, here you are. You're so welcome.