ReCaptcha Spam Prevention

One of the most irritating and sometimes dangerous aspects of the online world are spam emails. At the least, these uninvited messages can clog up inboxes – at the worst, they can imbed a virus into your computer system.

As the online world evolves, so does the trickery and delivery methods of spammers. A common tool used by spammers is a spambot – this is a program designed to harvest emails from the internet in order to build a mailing list with which unsolicited spam emails are delivered to. A spambot is a program – not a live individual – submitting these junk emails.

One way to greatly reduce the onslaught of spam emails is by the utilization of Captchas in the online forms of your websites. A Captcha is a program intended to distinguish a human from a machine input (spambot) when an online form is being submitted on a website. Any message that is designated as illegitimate or potential spam is automatically stopped by the Captcha and flagged as undeliverable.

ReCaptcha Webform Spam Blocker SamplesWhile some Captchas may seem cumbersome to the website visitor (deciphering blurry letters or numbers) or simply ineffective (simple math equations) and cracked by spammers overtime, Image Management has found that ReCaptcha is the most effective and easy-to-use Captcha system for greatly reducing website spam submissions. ReCaptcha prompts users to click a button declaring “I'm Not A Robot” signifying they are a human user – spambots do not have the ability to distinguish this button and therefore cannot click it. If ReCaptcha senses something “fishy” about the user, it will ask them to select from a group of photos (ie: “Select All Images With Trees”) in order to verify the message is not coming from a spam entity.

Receiving messages from potential customers through your website is vital for business. Wading through copious amounts of spam submissions to unearth these invaluable submissions can be irksome, costly, and time consuming. If your website is lacking a Captcha or is using an outdated version of Captcha, contact Image Management to install ReCaptcha and curb the amount of junk mail being delivered to your inbox. We are the masters of the website after all. We are located in Southeastern Wisconsin and are ready to serve your business!

Published on June 3, 2019