Google Phone Tips
Apr 2012

Navigating Google-Land

Chrome, the now three-year-old web browser from Google, appears destined for domination with its rapidly expanding user base. Android phones are now ...

Graphic Designer Brainstorm
Apr 2012

The Creative Process of a Designer

There is more to being a great designer than simply picking out beautiful fonts and color palettes, and spreading out bits of information in an ...

Internet Browser Changes
Feb 2012

Microsoft to Pack Browser Updates

Modern web browsers offer enhanced computer security while conforming to the latest web standards. Microsoft decided to include mandatory updates to ...

US Website Legislation
Jan 2012

The Impact of Web Legislation

After an intense backlash from major Internet companies such as Google and Wikipedia, as well as millions of grassroots supporters, legislators ...

Modern Websites for Information
Jan 2012

The Convenience of the Modern Web

While planning a New Year’s Eve outing for my family, I recalled a conversation I had with my brother-in-law nearly two decades ago and came to an ...