How to Become #1 on Google

June 30, 2015

By Content Developer Paige Weslaski

Working for a website company, there’s one question I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. “So, Paige, how exactly can I get my company to show up 1st on Google?” My answer is easier than you think.

The two most important ways to show up high on the Google rankings is by having a mobile-friendly website (otherwise known as responsive design) and starting a Google AdWords campaign. The best part about my answer is that we at Image Management specialize in providing both of these important services.

In May, Google released a revised formula to track who belongs in the top rankings. Websites that are mobile-friendly would be given priority over those that are not. At Image Management, we make sure your website fits nicely on a mobile phone, but can also expand if the site is opened on a conventional desktop computer. By the way, currently only 30% of websites are opened using that conventional desktop computer.

The second important thing to keep in mind in terms of coming in at #1 on Google is (hold your excitement) … Google AdWords! Google AdWords are arguably the best way to advertise your business. You dictate your monthly budget, geographical area, and search words. As an authorized Google Adword reseller, Image Management can make certain you show up first on Google when searching for your company name and/or product. To cite an example, one of our clients wanted to show up for a specialized product they manufacture called “turcite”. After giving us a budget of $300/month our client gets over 1,000 views a month from customers looking to buy their “turcite” product.

So the next time someone asks you about being #1 on Google, remember, it’s easier than you think.

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