South African Adventure
Dec 2013

Adventure in South Africa

On Thanksgiving Day, while most were eating turkey and watching our Packers get crushed by the Detroit Lions, I went on the longest airplane ride in ...
Graphic Design Industry
Dec 2013

How to Succeed in the Graphic Design Industry

What does it take to succeed in the graphic design industry? The graphic design industry is saturated with firms and freelancers vying for your ...
Future of Crowdfunding
Dec 2013

Funding the Future

Crowdsourcing is an industry buzzword gaining mainstream attention. A group of people connected by technology and common goals can endeavor in ...
Goal Setting - Triathlon Race
Sep 2013

Goal Setting

Last summer I was all set to retire as a triathlete after qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, which includes a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 ...
Biometric Technology Emergence
Sep 2013

Emerging Biometrics in Civilization

Biometrics may be just another industry buzzword to some. To others, it has already become routine. The word may vaguely conjure up images of a ...
Online Reviews
Sep 2013

Astroturf and Online Reviews

On September 23rd, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced that 19 companies had been ordered to stop writing fake online reviews. These ...
Downtown Racine Mainstay
Jul 2013

Image Management - A Mainstay in Racine

With over five-hundred website clients, including several Fortune 500 companies, Image Management (IM) has been making technology work for businesses ...
Growing Brand Audience
Jul 2013

Growing an Audience Through Your Website

Many business websites are the online equivalent of a phone book advertisement or a brochure: a straightforward sales pitch, designed to convert a ...
Beware Domain Scams
Jul 2013

Domain Registry of America and Similar Scams

Over the years, clients with domains registered through Image Management have inquired about a particular letter received via mail. These letters ...
Summer Time Destress
Jun 2013

Making Time for Summer

Johnson’s fountain, tween crowds at North Beach, tribute bands on First Fridays, summer has officially hit Racine. Summer is the season for relaxing, ...
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Jun 2013

Interactive Web Trends

At the birth of the World Wide Web, website designs were just that – static, unchanging pages of text connected to one another through “hyperlinks.” ...
iPhone iOS 7
Jun 2013

Imagining the iPhone

For years, Apple has defined success with innovative product releases. What started with the iPod years ago rolled into a cultural phenomenon. But ...