Eye-catching Emails
Aug 2014

Creating Eye-Catching Email

Since its popularization in the early 90s, email has become a fact of modern life. Email is a backbone of business communication, and many still look ...
Break from Life
Jun 2014

Tired? Need a Break?

Did you ever want to simply take a break from life? Check out for awhile? Leave? Get away? Find a hole and climb into it? I think we have all have ...
E-Commerce Is Changing Trends
Jun 2014

E-Commerce Trends and Innovations

The e-commerce field is highly competitive by nature, spurring perpetual innovation as businesses try to shorten the gap between a user searching for ...
Putting Family First
Apr 2014

What Are You Worshipping?

For those who know me, I live with a hunger of athletic competition. Having caught the triathlon bug ten years ago, I’ve devoted thousands of hours of ...
The Heartbleed logo designed by Codenomicon
Apr 2014

The Heartbleed Bug: A Review

Some reports called it the greatest security danger since commercial traffic started flowing through the World Wide Web. Thanks to the vast danger it ...
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Apr 2014

The Details Matter

Imagine the following: You decide to go all out and visit a 5 star restaurant for a lavish meal. The venue is amazing, the patrons are well dressed ...
Kevin Up In The Clouds
Jan 2014

Rocky Mountain High – Colorado

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from ...
Promotional coins featuring the Bitcoin logo
Jan 2014

Bitcoin: An Introduction

Some have called it the solution for a global currency; others have derided it as a cover for illegal activity. What is it? Bitcoin: an electronic ...
Internet Browsing
Jan 2014

Stumbling Through the Internet

The Internet is a global collective. Humans are social creatures. No wonder that so many sites exist to share experiences, photos, images, and ...
South African Adventure
Dec 2013

Adventure in South Africa

On Thanksgiving Day, while most were eating turkey and watching our Packers get crushed by the Detroit Lions, I went on the longest airplane ride in ...
Graphic Design Industry
Dec 2013

How to Succeed in the Graphic Design Industry

What does it take to succeed in the graphic design industry? The graphic design industry is saturated with firms and freelancers vying for your ...
Future of Crowdfunding
Dec 2013

Funding the Future

Crowdsourcing is an industry buzzword gaining mainstream attention. A group of people connected by technology and common goals can endeavor in ...