Fiscal Cliff Jumping
Dec 2012

Fiscal Cliff Ahhhhhh.... Help

Are you a procrastinator? Let’s hope not. We have enough of those in Washington, supposedly running our country. Of course I am not someone in debt ...
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Nov 2012

Creating Effective Logos

Designing the right logo for your business can be an intimidating process. Your logo is the centerpiece of your corporate branding. It needs to create ...
Image Management can help your business website stand out
Nov 2012

Achieving Business Goals Though Your Website

Many see their website as just a virtual billboard, offering clients a visually appealing advertisement that will eventually translate to sales. While ...
Business Growth
Nov 2012

Growth of Your Business Starts Now

The Presidential election is over, and now it’s time to get serious about growing your company. At Image Management we have been streamlining our ...
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Oct 2012

Common Website Design Misconceptions

At Image Management, we see ourselves as the best website designers and SEO managers in the Milwaukee area. Because of this, we sometimes encounter ...
Image Management offers website design and SEO in the Milwaukee, Racine, Chicago, and Kenosha areas. Contact Image Management today to manage your website design!
Oct 2012

Simple Computer Maintenance

Everything works great with a new computer. Then little by little, performance degrades. It seems to happen inevitably with any computer. Here are a ...
Bike Ride to Health
Oct 2012

Staying Healthy on the Job

We actively encourage Image Management’s staff to lead a healthy lifestyle. For starters, we provide all full-time employees with YMCA memberships, ...
Google Searches
Aug 2012

Google-Powered Searches

Google remains the most popular search engine. This article reviews search options available to Google users. Other popular search engines, such as ...
User Friendly Editing
Aug 2012

User-Friendly Site Editing

At this point, it’s no secret that we, here at Image Management, take tremendous pride in what we do… and why shouldn’t we? We’re darn good at our ...
Future of Mobile
Jul 2012

The Web's Mobile Future

Do you surf the Internet on your phone? If so, you’re not alone. Marketing research company Nielsen reported that by the end of last year, almost half ...
Internet Details
Jun 2012

The Life of an Internet Request

Thousands of globally situated computers join forces to bring us the World Wide Web. Specific protocols work together to pinpoint any connected ...
Learn Google AdWords Monitoring
Jun 2012

Learn Google AdWords

Have you ever wondered about the search results that appear in boxes at the top and off to the side of most Google searches? These are actually paid ...