The Importance of D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)
May 2016

The Importance of D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)

How many times have you heard your marketing associates saying, "Where are those files from three years ago? I don't even remember who made them! Do ...
Video Editing
Dec 2015

Hole In One

Image Management prides itself in its website design and website hosting services. What many don't know, however, is that Image Management has a state ...
Device Mechanics Website Designed
Oct 2015

Cracked Website

Image Management recently created a website for Device Mechanics, a leading cell phone, tablet, and electronic device repair company in the ...
How News Feeds Benefit Businesses
Nov 2014

How News Feeds Benefit Businesses

It is crucial for a business to ensure that potential customers can easily discover their website through search engines. Optimally, a business ...
Details in Website Design
Apr 2014

The Details Matter

Imagine the following: You decide to go all out and visit a 5 star restaurant for a lavish meal. The venue is amazing, the patrons are well dressed ...
Interactive Web Applications
Jun 2013

Interactive Web Trends

At the birth of the World Wide Web, webpages were just that – static, unchanging pages of text connected to one another through “hyperlinks.” ...
The Importance of Social Networking
Apr 2013

The Importance of Social Networking

Social networking can help a business large or small increase their public awareness, gain contacts, and get their business’ “face” out to millions. ...
Email Etiquette
Jan 2013

Email Etiquette

Though social media has diminished its use in other ways, email is still a crucial communication tool in the business world. According to a recent ...
Creating Effective Logos
Nov 2012

Creating Effective Logos

Designing the right logo for your business can be an intimidating process. Your logo is the centerpiece of your corporate branding. It needs to create ...