Psychology behind color choices
Jun 2016

Psychology Behind Web Design

Every brand should have a strategic sales pitch to generate interest. That sales pitch starts, believe it or not, with the online website. Within 5 ...
Israel - Graphic Designer & Drummer
Jun 2016

IM in the News!

Image Management has been in the local newspapers (a ton) this week for its website services and community involvement! Check it out... IM hired by ...
Master Your Website
Jun 2016

Call the Masters

We attended a Google seminar last week, and here are the two big takeaways: Half of all web traffic comes from smartphones/tablets. 76% of people who ...
Image Management, in addition to providing website design services in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Chicago, offers digital asset management for corporations.
May 2016

The Importance of D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)

How many times have you heard your marketing associates saying, "Where are those files from three years ago? I don't even remember who made them! Do ...
Responsive Website Design
May 2016

Mobile Friendly Sites

Is your website mobile friendly? Chances are - it is not. Your current website may show up on a phone or tablet, but do the text and graphics ...
Internet Becomes Phone Book
May 2016

Become Top Dog on Google

Take a look at the size of your new phone book. Pretty skinny right? Within the next 20 years, phone books won't exist. That's why clients are rushing ...
Recipe for a Thriving Business
Apr 2016

Recipe for a Thriving Business

What is the key to a booming business? How do some businesses become more successful than others? What is the secret recipe to becoming the best in ...
Champion Underdog Company
Apr 2016

Your Company = Rocky Balboa

Take a gander at any "Top Inspirational Movie" list online, and you can be sure to find the Rocky series lingering near the top. For those of you who ...
Answering Phone Calls
Apr 2016

Big Screen Series: The Office

Welcome to our BIG SCREEN SERIES! For the next few weeks, we will be highlighting popular TV shows and movies, relating them to our (out of this world ...
New Website Masterpiece
Apr 2016

Milk & Honey Magazine's New Website Design

Image Management has done it again - a website masterpiece has been created by our talented website designers. This website was much more personal, ...
Lutheran Church Website Masterpiece
Apr 2016

Lutheran Church Website

Racine's Lutheran Church of the Resurrection came to Image Management for a complete rebranding experience. The church was in need of a new logo, in ...
Websites & Photo Retouching
Mar 2016

Retouch Me Baby, One More Time

Image Management is the Masters of the Website. We are nationwide leaders in search engine optimization and graphic design. And, believe it or not, we ...