SEO and Website Design
Oct 2017

The Relationship Between SEO & Website Design

When you think of the design of a website and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a website, they usually don't go hand-in-hand! The website ...
Israel Newspaper Article
Oct 2017

Congrats to Our Team!

Image Management is pretty lucky to have such successful, stand-out team members! First, congratulations to graphic designer Israel Alpizar for ...
The copy on your e-commerce website design is important! Trust Image Management, the best website designers in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Racine, to write your website content with SEO integrated!
Sep 2017

E-Commerce Copy That Wins

Text describing products on E-commerce stores tend to make one massive mistake: they scream "buy me, buy me!" without connecting with the consumer. ...
Image Management understands whether Facebook ads are a benefit to your brand. Focus on your website design and go from there!
Sep 2017

☠ By Facebook?

"When people have to wait for a site to load for too long, they abandon what they were clicking on. As many as 40% of website visitors abandon a site ...
Image Management creates a Google Analytics account for every Milwaukee, Chicago, Racine, and Kenosha website design and SEO client.
Aug 2017

Google Analytics 101

Every Image Management website client automatically receives access to their very own Google Analytics web analyzing service! Google Analytics is the ...
Our Favorite Google Fonts
Jul 2017

Best Google Fonts

Eye-catching fonts are a great way for your website designs to stand out. Our graphic designers use free Google fonts regularly, and we've decided to ...
IM's Interns - 2017
Jun 2017

Our Awesome Interns

Image Management had the dear pleasure of hosting two high school interns from Prairie School for the last couple weeks. Jack and JC were SUCH a ...
Responding to Negative Reviews
May 2017

1 ✩ Reviews

Uh oh, a bad online review?! With how hard you work, we understand how heartbreaking a 1 or 2 star review can be. It happens to the BEST of companies, ...
Claire & Kevin Biking
May 2017

Happy Birthday!

Image Management wishes its Founder and President, Claire Weslaski, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Claire started our web design agency back in 2001, and we ...
Easter Eggs
Apr 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

There's something so nostalgic about Easter egg hunts. Little kids running around, looking under toys and behind the swings and at the roots of trees ...
Google Ads Partner Status
Mar 2017

(G.O.A.T.) Google Partner

Any Joe Schmo can sell Google AdWords in his mom's basement. What Mr. Schmo can't offer, however, is a Google Partners status to back up his work. ...
Become First with Google Ads
Mar 2017

Put Yourself First! (on Google)

"Every man for himself," they say. While this phrase may be a bit harsh in everyday life, it rings true on Google. Google is essentially a million ...